Difficult Conversations

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When you truly care, you truly connect.
Forever change the way your organization
communicates and transform your culture
The Orsini Way.

A groundbreaking program that shows healthcare professionals a completely new way to communicate, dramatically enhance patient satisfaction, and improve outcomes.


Communicating The Orsini Way Builds Relationships and Enhances the Overall Patient Experience

Effective and compassionate communication changes the healthcare culture. Developed by a practicing physician, The Orsini Way is based on decades of research, real-life experience and hundreds of patient interviews. Our multi-faceted and interactive approach help your staff learn how to build instant rapport and form trusting relationships with patients in no time. We don’t use boring learning modules or provide scripts to memorize. The Orsini Way will completely change the way your staff communicates – benefiting your healthcare professional and, most importantly, the patients you serve.

It’s Innovative, It’s based on real-life experience, and it works.

Orsini Book


Based on decades of research, practical experience and interviews with real patients, Dr. Orsini uses his unique storytelling skills to provide practical communication techniques that help medical providers quickly build rapport and form relationships with patients and families even in the most difficult times. For readers of Danielle Ofri and Atul Gawande, It’s All in the Delivery is an essential read for both healthcare providers and patients.


It’s All in the Patient Experience

If communication is over-rehearsed or sounds like a script, your patient won’t feel genuine compassion and you won’t make the intended impact on your patient’s experience and outcomes. Communicating The Orsini Way builds real relationships and impacts patient experience and outcomes for all.

Created by Dr. Anthony Orsini, a Board-Certified Neonatologist for more than 20 years, who brings the warmth and compassion of a practicing physician with the storytelling of an engaging CEO—The Orsini Way is backed by years of research and 100s of inspiring personal interviews with patients and families. The Orsini Way method creates long-lasting learning techniques that provide guidance to any size audience and creates long lasting culture change.



Our Programs

It's All In The Delivery®

Is a program that uses practical and proven communication techniques to enhance overall patient experience by teaching healthcare professionals how to quickly build trusting relationships with patients and families. The It’s All in the Delivery program has frequently resulted in over 60% improvement in HCAHPS ranking and most importantly the change is sustainable. We begin with an initial assessment of your current patient satisfaction scores to be used as a benchmark for future improvement.

Difficult Dialogues

Perfect for physicians, risk managers, HR executives and business leaders, this program teaches the communication skills necessary to positively influence challenging situations encountered daily. Difficult Dialogues also fulfills the ACGME requirements for discussing medical errors.

Breaking Bad News®

Our unique Breaking Bad News program trains healthcare professionals how to deliver sad or tragic news to patients and families in the most effective and compassionate manner. This essential skill is seldom taught during medical school or residency training using interactive workshops and/or videotaped experiential learning with professional actors, participants learn in a safe and private environment how to help patients when they are at their most vulnerable.

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