It's All In The Delivery®

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It’s All In The Delivery Is a program that uses proven communication techniques to enhance the patient experience by teaching healthcare professionals how to build trusting relationships with patients and families. The program begins with an initial assessment of your current patient satisfaction scores to be used as a benchmark for future improvement.

It’s All In The Delivery®

It’s All in the Delivery utilizes comprehensive communication training to create culture change and improve your hospital’s patient satisfaction scores. This course has been proven successful in small practices as well as larger hospital units. Using The Orsini Way® of communicating, physicians, nurses and hospital staff learn how to effectively communicate, build relationships with patients and enhance the overall patient experience. A new personalized digital learning experience is now available. Providing access to users by engaging them in interactive exercises that allow culture change to become seamless.
More than just training, this program incorporates comprehensive assessment of current state of patient satisfaction, a train-the-trainer component as well as team members from the Orsini Way will provide follow up and support designed to ensure ongoing compliance. Training your staff using The Orsini Way ensures the right partners are available to create and support this innovative and proven way of communicating with patients and families.

"I think that the program has done a good job of highlighting to our staff that compassionate communication is just as important as the clinical component of their job. Seeing this change has been the most impressive result. When capital dollars allow, I would like to expand this program to our entire organization."

Jeffrey Harden
– Chief Nursing Officer / Vice President of Patient Care Services

plan of action

What We Do And Who Should Attend

Participants will learn

  1. How to use compassionate communication to build relationships and improve patient satisfaction?
  2. How to create a team approach to resolve conflict?
  3. How to understand customer/employee/patient-centric communication?
  4. How to enhance compassion and maintain efficiency?
  5. How to create sustainable culture change?

Who should attend?

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Managers / Supervisors
  • Physicians / Resident Physicians
  • Patient Satisfaction team leaders
  • Any hospital team members